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Biofuel represents a realistic, ready, and reliable method for producing fuel from renewable resources. In particular, recent advances in the science of biodiesel production have rendered the process more affordable and more practical.

Texas BioDiesel Corporation has been awarded the exclusive right to commercialize first-of-its-kind biodiesel production technology. The solid catalyst production process, unique to Texas BioDiesel, makes biodiesel production more efficient and less expensive than all other current production methods. This process enables Texas BioDiesel to produce a product that costs less than any other biodiesel on the market.

Together with Advanced BioFuels, Renewable Fuels Operating Services Company, and EnviroQuest Research Corporation, Texas BioDiesel is pioneering the development of lower-cost biofuels, shaping today's energy solutions to solve the problems of tomorrow.


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Advanced BioFuels develops, produces, and provides alternative fuels for distribution and consumption.

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Renewable Fuels Operating Services Company (ROSCO) furnishes operating personnel and expertise for all Texas BioDiesel plants.

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  EnviroQuest Research Corporation specializes in organizational, market, and business development in domestic and international markets.

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